Growing Champagne (2016-17)

Focusing on Crugny, a small village on the outskirts of Reims, France, “Growing Champagne” questions the notion of landscape development at the intersection of rural architecture, wine industry, intensive farming, and housing estates.
With a centrifugal movement, the photographs follow the undesired resettling of the new country dwellers far from the Champagne region metropolitan hub. The disillusioned dream of homeownership pushes the middle class farther and farther away in the rural land and challenges economic, environmental and patrimonial aspects of a region linked to its alluring name.
The new periphery of Crugny – where different people and worlds unwillingly interact – becomes a case study for this book.

Book project:

24x 18 cm
80 pages
digital print
cyclus paper 90g and 300g

This book project has been realized in collaboration with Maison Vide, space for contemporary art, Crugny, France.