Look how she moves / on-going
A collaborative project with visual artist Raouf Ziani.

Raouf Ziani and Fabien Marques worked together for a month during a research residency held at Fructôse artists organization in Dunkirk in November 2016, as part of the opening of the "Institut du Monde Arabe" in Tourcoing.
The starting point of this research was the philosophical essay of Lucretius "De rerum natura", a work that Raouf Ziani suggested to Fabien Marques.
The two artists then decided to work around the Lucretian theory of atoms which is the "clinamen" by digital drawings and photographs.
The figure of Marylin Monroe in the film "Some Like It Hot" by Billy Wilder (1959), deviated from her path by a steam jet, is here central. His natural rhythm is broken to resume his journey before Tony Curtis exclaims "Look how she moves." This strong interjection of meaning is repeated in Arabic to give it a new meaning.
Explorations between the cities of Grande-Synthe and Loon-Plage brought the two artists to a point of convergence of different networks: motorway, river, rail and electric.
The pathos is largely reduced by the use of texts citing the Roman philosopher, echoing his desire to distance himself from the distress of others.

(c) Raouf Ziani - Fabien Marques
(c) Raouf Ziani - Fabien Marques
(c) Raouf Ziani
(c) Raouf Ziani